Bring company personnel or customers to the track

For your company's next team building event, give your employees or customers the perfect opportunity to practice driving in slippery road conditions. After all, employees are the most valuable capital of a company, and many of them use their own cars to commute to work.

Other groups and organizations are equally welcome to come down to our track to refresh their driving skills together. Our 11 new Nissan Micra are at your disposal. 
A coffee shop, informal meeting spaces, and a bright, airy classroom that seats 30 are at your service in addition to our track area. A total of 11 cars (with 2-3 drivers per vehicle) can use the track at a time. If you split your group into two (half in the training facilities and half on the track), we have the capacity to accommodate groups of up to about 60 people.
Companies may propose their own programs, or we can offer packages such as a first-aid training program tailored for traffic accidents.

Please request a quote for your event, because we are very happy to tailor the event program to meet your individual needs. The price depends upon the length of the reservation and upon any supplemental services you would like to include in your package. When we quote a price, we offer both a minimum price for the event and a price per track car or per person.

For an example of what is included in a group package, please click the link.

What can you do on the track?

You can test the limits of your own car and the track vehicles under safe and controlled conditions on the track. You can experiment with how various road surfaces affect a car's performance, and how long it takes to stop. Get a feel for the impact of speed on braking distance, perform evasive maneuvers to avoid obstacles, and practice slippery turns and coming to a stop while keeping to your own lane.

Vehicle safety systems are improving at a rapid pace. Within the safety of our track, test how Electronic Stability Programs (ESP) help you in difficult driving conditions and find out their various limits. You can also practice the most effective ways of using anti-lock braking systems (ABS).

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