Driving school students



Students at driving schools do not need to reserve a time on the track as their driving schools make the appropriate reservations for them. A training drive in the basics phase takes about one hour, and two hours in the advanced phase. In the basics phase, some driving schools may have several students in the same car, which means that students may spend a longer time on the track than the length of their own driving lesson would suggest. The advanced training includes group work, which means that there may be up to 12 cars on the track at a time. Each student takes turns completing an assigned task, receives feedback and a new task from the instructor (who is not in the car), and then circles around again by way of the return track to await their next turn.

Only the track's own cars may be driven on the track. The track fee includes the price of the rental. The track fee for the basics phase is 50 euros. In the advanced phase, it is 100 euros. The track cars all have comprehensive insurance, with a personal deductible of 300 euros. The instructor is responsible for the car in the basics phase, while the student assumes responsibility in the advanced phase.


Pay the track fee directly to Osarata Oy (note that some driving schools collect the fee from their students and transfer the payment themselves to Osarata Oy). You can pay the fee to the cashier yourself when you register at the track office. We prefer debit and credit cards, but also accept cash. You may also transfer your payment to following account and bring your receipt with you: account number FI17 5741 4020 0521 76, reference number 41894. The student can also use his/her Smartum Liikuntaseteli and Kulttuuriseteli vouchers as payment.

If you do transfer a payment to our account, please remember to bring the receipt with you to the track!