Individual drivers

In addition to trainees, we also warmly welcome general members of the public with valid driver licenses. If you feel you are lacking confidence as a driver, have switched to a different car, have not driven a car in a long time or are concerned with the first slippery road conditions after summer, it's a good idea to come down to the track to polish up your driving skills.

What can you do on the track?

You can test the limits of your own car and of the track vehicles under safe and controlled conditions. You can experiment with how various road surfaces affect a car's performance, and how long it takes to stop. Get a feel for the impact of speed on braking distance, perform evasive maneuvers to avoid obstacles, and practice slippery turns and coming to a stop while keeping to your own lane.

Vehicle safety systems are improving at a rapid pace. Within the safety of our track, test how Electronic Stability Programs (ESP) help you in difficult driving conditions and find out their various limits. You can also practice the most effective ways of using anti-lock braking systems (ABS).


The track fee is 90 euros/hour/car if the track instructor joins you in the car. The price is 55 euros/hour/car without a track instructor, which means you must drive in accordance with the instructions given to you at the office. You can pay the track fee at the office when you arrive. We accept debit and credit cards and cash. We also accept Smartum Liikuntaseteli and Kulttuuriseteli vouchers and Smartum cards.

Please remember, however, that you must book your time on the track in advance!



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