Students with an authorized trainer (not a driving school)



There is a group time at least once a week that is reserved solely for students with authorized trainers. The time may vary depending on the week, but it is most commonly on Mondays and/or Wednesdays.

The actual driving time on the track is about one hour. Students and trainers need to plan to spend two hours overall however, as they need to go through the relevant safety instructions and checks before they can start driving. Students must also spend some time familiarizing themselves with the control equipment in the cars and adjusting the seats and other equipment.

Only the trainer authorized by the permit and the student or students may be in the car while practicing on the track.



All training sessions must be booked in advance. We are most likely to be available for reservations between 10am and 3pm. Our office hours vary somewhat depending on the reservations, but the office is generally open between 8am and 5pm (8am to 3pm Fridays). Check the links under " "News and Events" on the home page for more information on the current schedule.

To make a reservation, please call the following number: +358 8 816 6750



The total fee for students with authorized trainers is 85 euros, which includes a 50 euro track fee and a 35 euro orientation fee. As of September 2014, only the track's own cars may be used on the track.


Payment is required before you can start driving on the track. You can either pay with a debit/credit card (or cash) at the track office or transfer your payment directly to the following account in advance: Account holder: Osarata Oy. Account transfer info: Oulu OP FI17 5741 4020 0521 76 reference number 21212.

If you do transfer a payment to our account, please remember to bring the receipt with you to the track!