Training packages


We offer training packages for practicing driving in slippery road conditions. Our track and offices are located in the Jääli business park about 10 km from the center of Oulu. Please see below for an example of the contents of a package. We are happy to tailor packages to suit your needs, whether it be a quick hour long visit or a full day of action packed activities for company events, etc.
A group may consist of up to 11 cars, but there can be more than one participant/driver in the same car.
Price: 150 euro/car +  VAT 24 % (minimum 600 euro + vat 24% and maximum 1800 euro + vat 24%)
·         Theory and training in the classroom and a visit to the safety garage max 45 min
·         Move to the track and a driving demonstration by the instructors
·         Driving training on the track with guidance by instructors
·         Final summary
 We would be happy to discuss this package in greater detail with you. For more information, please contact one of our instructors, Hannu Karhatsu (+358 400 407 384),